Help Flare

The problem

Many people lost their daily livelihoods when the COVID lockdown in India started in March. I heard about NGOs and other groups helping these people by providing essential services

The problem that these organisations were facing was that there was no database of where the people who needed help were. This is the problem that I teamed up with two of my classmates to solve



Our approach was to use geofencing to mark these areas on the map and make them visible to the helping groups. People who wanted to report an area could mark the location on the map. We used OTPs for verification of reports. These reports were then visible to helper groups in the nearby area. To make sure that most people can use it, we implemented internationalisation in English and Hindi.

Here's a demo of the working
Thumbnail showing a screenshot of the "Help Flare" site

We were glad to have helped people and shut Help Flare down in September. The code for Help Flare is open source. Check it out here

My Role

My role was in making the frontend for the web app. I used ReactJS because I was well versed with it and Create React App already had web app support inbuilt. I implemented geofencing with Google Maps API and also added internationalisation


We are grateful to have been able to help so many people. To help with getting wider reach, a few newspapers also publicised Help Flare.