The Problem

This project was a problem statement in Smart India Hackathon 2020.

The problem statement was as follows -
A mobile application for sharing or pooling of transport for agricultural produce to local markets

Problem Description

The APMC markets are spread out in districts within a state, but some farmers cannot afford to take their produce to distant markets because of high transport costs. As a result, they often sell their produce to a chain of middle men which results in increase of prices. To solve the above mentioned problem, we came up with an approach to make the task of transporting products easier and at a lower cost.


  • The agency creates routes for trucks and sets the departure time of trucks available for pooling.

  • A mobile application used by farmers then lists the trucks travelling between inter-state markets which according to the farmer’s requirements and location, can be pooled. Special goods can be categorized into perishable goods like milk and fragile goods like tomatoes.

  • On the basis of the requirements of the farmers, the pickup points of many farmers are added to the route of the truck and goods are delivered at a cost lower than the market because the same truck is shared. The list of closest journeys to the farmer’s destination are shown by an algorithm which calculates the distance between the farmer’s location and the path from the farmer’s location to destination market

  • Keeping in mind the diversity of our country, the application is multi-language for the farmers


My Role

I made the app in React Native (Expo) since it allowed me to quickly create a cross platform application. I integrated Google Maps into the app to show an Uber like user interface where the poolers can easily select their destinations. I also added deep linking for direct calls to other poolers and the driver of the truck


We won the college level hackathon and stood in 1st place.


Although we did not qualify for Smart India hackathon, we stood second at Hack Stomp 2020, organised by Universal College of Engineering